Kings Family Butchers

Homemade Sausage

Our sausages are made in store using Gloucester Old Spot pork for a fuller flavour.

We use only the finest herbs and spices in our mixes which are carefully selected and blended together to create some very disinctive flavours.

Choose from classic flavours such as Plain, Cumberland or Old English or how about going for a modern flavour? Smoked Chilli & Paprika, Pork & Apple or Caramalised Onion & Red Pepper to name a few…

Seasonal flavours are also available.  For example, Pork & Chestnut at Christmas or try a taste of Meditteranean during the summer months.

Gluten free sausages are also available to order.

Here we show you the steps into making our sausages

- Pork trim is placed in the mincer

- And looks like this

- The seasoning is added with a little water

- It gets minced again and comes out as sausagemeat

- The sausagemeat gets put in the sausage maker, and comes out as one long sausage!

- This then gets twisted into links and gets displayed as so…

There are many flavours that we make.